Pre –Show Fan-tics

I was at work when the “I’ve won the meet and greet” call came in. I feel sorry now for the poor man on the line from Channel 7 – I was so excited, I know I was screaming and it seemed that the only word I knew at that moment was OMG! Ronan’s name then became an every day mention. Actually, I am still going on about it – I mean, lets be honest here – I have been a huge fan of his for 15 years! Finally fate had stepped in and my dream was unfolding before me. Anyway, after I calmed down, I settled down to all the female preparation that goes along with meeting the man who, in my opinion, is just "perfect" You know the drill - new clothes, get hair done and all those little extra things you do!

Then the realization set in that although I wanted the night to arrive, I kind of didn’t because that would mean it was to be over all too soon. Understandable right?

FEBRUARY 9TH 2012 – THURSDAY The night was upon me!  I was the best I was going to look without going all crazy (I still wanted to be me) so I took one last mirror check, sighed, and picked up my gorgeous niece and off we went.

MEET & GREET 8:30pm - That was the magical time so Rachael & I sat in wait. I was going to say like two lionesses about to hunt but that just sounds a bit weird right!  Anyway, we were finally taken to the point of contact. OMG-any second now…..and…YES… Ronan appeared around the corner and I regressed into childhood mode, started jumping up and down, my head started spinning and my heart started beating way too fast! It felt GREAT!  I really wanted to talk to him and make sense but I just couldn’t get out what I wanted to say. A few words came out but I was really way too excited!

I had brought the very first CD of his when he was a part of Boyzone (I have ALL his CD’s of course but this was special to me, being the first!) to sign and then came the photos. All I could say is YES PLEASE- all the women know what I mean! How could someone so sexy and such a huge international star be standing right next to moil!

I had the great idea of giving him and Yvonne a personal gift that I made which represents Canberra but Ronan didn’t have time to open it and then my time was up. I had to say goodbye! Ugh! I had forgotten to explain the gift and so all I can say is that Ronan, if you do read any of these reviews, could I please have the chance to?

Well there it was - my brief moment with a great artist and the sexiest man alive. Now it was time to sit and watch him. Could it get any better?  WOW WOW and double WOW.  What an incredible performance. It was a Kaleidoscope of color and Ronan was in usual top form with favorites like - When you Say Nothing at All and Friends in Time, a wonderful newbie that I think was called - Will you ever be mine and even a glimpse of Ronan the actor in the upcoming movie Goddess.  There was a very touching moment remembering Stephen Gately with One More Song. He finished the night with a great one – Life is a Rollercoaster. The audience went crazy! My mind was exploding with all this wonderfulness! And then I’m sure there was talk of a new CD in May/ June. How much could a girl take!

Oh, and I just have to mention those outfits’ ladies - Talk about naturally sexy in a T-shirt and jeans!

Ronan was charming throughout the night and had a real spark - He is an amazing performer with so much charisma. He doesn't just sing the songs - he feels them and has a special connection with the audience.

I didn't want it to end and please, Ronan - Canberra and I want you back soon!

Thank you Ronan from the bottom of my heart!

Annie G

- Photos from this night, including Annie's, are in the gallery.