Ronan was heavenly at Henley, from the moment he hit the stage the audience embraced him with their love and support.

To begin the show a beautifully orchestrated string intro builds up the excitement and anticipation of the romantic balladeers' arrival on stage. Ronan then jauntily walks on stage; wearing a black tailored jacket, complimented by closely fitted black canvas trousers, given a fashionable twist by heavy soled, black mid-length boots; he looks elegant and chic.

The strings reach a beautiful and uplifting crescendo and are met by the familiar tones of Friends in Time. Ro's vocals take centre stage; they are delicate and powerful, yet chirpy and sweet. Ronan has a vibrancy and energy which he effortlessly throws out to the crowd, as he performs this song which makes it seemingly impossible not be carried away in the emotion of it all, and to sing along to this infectiously catchy and professionally executed song.

Ronan sang a collection of various songs; seductive and slushy ballads and high octane high energy pop tracks, this is my musical journey through these songs in no particular order.

I love it when we do has the audience whipped up into a frenzy; his vocals are cheeky and seductive and have a naughty and suggestive tone to them.

The Way you Make Me Feel has the fans on tenterhooks as they wait to see if he graces us with his angelic presence at the front of the stage. This venue is too intimate for our Ro to resist a handshake with the fans. Faces are all of a glow as Ro saunters along the front, never missing a handshake, his vocals are brimming with warmth and sincerity, and he seems to soak up the positive vibe from the audience (it's heaven).

Time after Time sees Ronan displaying his strumming techniques on guitar; he truly makes this song his own, his vocals are sweet yet strong and have a longing about them.

When you say Nothing at All, Ro's much loved first solo hit has Ro's vocals tender and soooooo emotional, it seduces our senses and takes our breath away. Ro's now customary holding of the note at the end of this song provokes a number of fans to retort; Go, Go, Go, as he stretches the note with perfect pitch and clarity (it's awe inspiring).

As this is a musical review, I only wish to say we all know Ronan has witnessed some dark times of late, however, the ravages of life have only served to heighten his emotional maturity as an artist, and to also bring him closer to his fans.

When Ronan began to thank his fans a hush descended over the show; Ro explained he had had some dark days and would like to say to the fans here, who have followed him, thank you for your support (I felt proud to be a fan).

Moving onto happier times, Lovin' each Day, saw Ronan, legs flying, feet flashing, as he danced to this high octave high energy track (he was charming to watch). Ro's vocals were full of life and gusto, he gave a feisty a full on rendition of this track.

Winter Song is a track with a strong sense of melancholy, it sweeps you up into the thoughts and feelings of winter, even if they are somewhat juxtaposed on a mild July night in Henley. However, the ambience is achieved, as Ro's vocals are forlorn and soulful, and the wintery lyrics whip up a chill, if only in our hearts and soul.

Summer Outside is always a humorous and catchy affair, as Ro gets totally carried away with this little ditty, Ro cheekily mimics James McNally as he plays the Bodhran drum. There is a twinkle in his eye, when he sings this song, and his voice radiates with warmth and his sunny disposition and Irish charm shine through. When Ro sings 'Henley Streets in the pouring rain' the crowd chuckle and are swept away by his charm. Summer Outside is fast becoming an anthemic feel good song we all soooooooooo adore (nice one Ro).

Wild Mountain Thyme, the classic Celtic favourite from Ro, lulls the audience into a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. It's an engaging folk song which has all the ingredients which make it perfect for our romantic musical hero; it has sentiment, warmth and Celtic tradition.

Last Thing on my Mind is a beautiful self-penned track, which shows off Ronan's song writing prowess; it's a haunting and heartfelt track. Ro's vocals are touching and even that more moving than usual in this intimate environment.

If Tomorrow Never Comes is always a tear jerker, our eyes mist over and our hearts are lost to Ro in this spellbinding No.1 hit. Ronan's vocals drift along effortlessly, this is not to assume there is no passion and intensity, just that his exquisite low key vocals make his delivery seem easy.

In this Life, a song which has now become synonymous as a tribute to fellow band member and friend Stephen Gately. It will always now have a sad resonance because of this link. Ronan sings this track with a sad longing he no doubt has to contain. His tone is mellow and soulful and tinged with a sadness.

Rollercoaster, as always a much anticipated track, is a blast as always, Ro seems to love every minute of this song. His voice is jubilant and filled with joyous vibrant energy.

The crowd are now ready to rock; a tempting proposition from the beautiful Mr K, for us to Turn it on Again excites the crowd and is met with great enthusiasm. Ro's vocals are raunchy and passionate, and wickedly tantalising; it ignites a flame in the imagination of the crowd and they throw back the words feverishly to Ro.

Picture of You is fresh and funky, and as always a hoot. Ronan's vocals are full of fun, charming and inviting, this is the song that blows away the cobwebs and it's refreshing and breezy.

The Long Goodbye signals the end of a perfect night and we all sadly sigh in acceptance that our Ro has to go away. Ro gallantly asks “are you ever coming back again?” and it's a resounding and affectionate “Yes” from the lovelorn crowd.

As the sun sets over the tranquil setting of Henley and Ronan wishes us all goodnight, we are all left wishing for that moment when we will all be gallantly serenaded by the beautiful Mr K once again.

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