I guess we all know Ronan is having a tough time in his personal life as I write this. He would have pulled out of the gigs if he'd been able to, but I am so glad he came over. To be in his current situation and then step on stage in front of an arena full of people does take some courage. He couldn't know whether people would boo him or cheer for him...although I have to say the press here on the continent generally are far less nasty than the British press, and people couldn't care less about what he does off stage.
He did extremely well at the shows - he even smiled a couple of times. I think he can go off into his own little world during a performance and that's how he got through the shows, but we can't imagine how hard it must have been for him. He avoided eye contact with the audience, and seemed to have his eyes closed during the ballads more than usual. I thought he looked like he was about to cry a few times but he pulled himself together so well. He was great, and sounded amazing, and I don't think many people there were massive fans, most had come to see the dancing, but he certainly impressed everyone. He performed LED, ITNC, WYSNAA, POY, and Rollercoaster.
The audience was brilliant at all four shows - it was another one of those seated events where the crowds don't go completely mad, but I thought they were good and gave him plenty of applause. Someone had made a massive banner saying "RONAN You're the best", which was up for all of Saturday and Sunday and which I thought was great.
On Sunday night, after the long note at the end of WYSNAA, the applause just wouldn't stop....and then suddenly the whole of the arena got up on their feet and gave him standing ovations. I am sure he was close to tears, he put his head down on his mic stand and then said, "You don't know how much I appreciate this". The circumstances may have been really sad, but it was an amazing moment and I am proud to have been part of that audience and made him feel a little better. It was just what he needed.

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