Ronan was breathtaking and beguiling in Birmingham. As the long awaited solo tour from the enigmatic Mr K began, there were whoops of delight from the excited fans.
Ronan looked svelte and stunning in his black bibbed waistcoat and pure white shirt, teamed with classic black trousers, casually tucked into his funky black boots (heaven).

The always effervescent Friends in Time kicked off the musical experience. Ronan’s voice was fresh and breezy and brimmed over with enthusiasm as he bopped infectiously around the stage.

Love it when we Do followed and Ro’s vocals were as always unashamedly flirtatious, but never too much, he has the ability to tease the audience yet remain restraint enough to be classily seductive.

Ro has lost none of his charm where the fans are concerned and as the familiar chords ring out of The Way you Make me Feel and Ronan makes his way to the front of the stage, a handshake and a smile speaks volumes on the audience's faces. The Way you make me Feel has Ronan sounding laid back with his husky Irish accent.

If Tomorrow Never Comes sees Ronan mellow and sultry, as always he stole the audiences’ hearts with this ballad.

Time after Time had Ro's voice sounding silky smooth with a clarity and confidence which can only be achieved by a seasoned performer such as Ronan (great bit of guitar playing too Ro). It’s a cover which in my opinion surpasses the original for its sheer depth and conviction of tone.

Stay is a classically beautiful and spellbinding song in its own right, as a journey through a failing love affair. However, as Ro sings the first lyrics of this song a huge video image of him is presented at the back of the stage with Ro shirtless and singing seductively. The audience were swept away in a whirlwind of love and emotion for the perfectly honed Mr K. As the song finishes and we all try to collect ourselves, Ro jokily retorts; “its all touched-up you know” Oh Ro (humble as ever).

Homeward Bound, the Simon and Garfunkel classic, is given the Ronanesque touch, his vocals are wholesome and inviting and a little dance routine with Ro and Jo Garland, both hands in pockets, shuffling along nonchalantly, raises a smile from the audience.
Ro's vocals on If You Love Me were magnetic and upbeat as this song vocally skipped along.

Lovely to see Ro and Jo duetting for Last Thing on my Mind; the self-penned track influenced by Ro’s recordings in Nashville. It is obvious when Jo/Ro sing together they understand perfectly the tips and curves in each other's voice.

This is Your Song
is a beautiful and moving track that strikes a chord with the audience being such a personal song. Ro’s vocals are tender and loving as he sings this track in memory of his mother.

Dear friend and bandmate Steo was lovingly remembered in Ronan’s tribute In This Life. Ronan appeared tearful and emotional as he reflected on his friend’s life, before performing the touching and moving song. Ronan’s vocals were lovingly intense and tinged with great sadness. However, the audience applauded loudly after the song, showing him as much love and support as they could.

Winter Song followed with Ronan’s voice sounding lovelorn and melancholic taking us all on a journey through the feelings, emotions of a lovelorn partner reminiscing for his love, during the mournful season of winter.

The lights are dimmed and Ro is there no more, just an amazing string arrangement by the orchestra leading into Wild Mountain Thyme. Then Ronan makes a dramatic and romantic entrance adorned in a white cotton tuxedo, trimmed in black on the collar and cuffs with black drainpipe trousers and black shoes. He looks every inch the romantic hero. Wild Mountain Thyme is a haunting and beautiful track which conjures up images in one’s mind of mist laden mountains and heather clad moorlands. Ronan’s rich Celtic accent lends itself perfectly to Wild Mountain Thyme and proves only a Celtic tongue can convincingly master this traditional folk song. The audience were mesmerised and noticeably stirred by Ro’s interpretation of the song and they sang along heartedly.

The instantly recognisable guitar rift of Summer Outside gees the audience up once again. Summer Outside makes you feel instantly upbeat; the infectious guitar rift compliments Ronan’s sunny and radiant octaves.

Just when we all thought it couldn’t get any better, the song that has made many a female heart all of a flutter, the wistful and dreamy When You Say Nothing At All. Ronan’s vocals on this track were pure and innocent and laced with sensitivity and warmth (a timeless classic). A treat for everyone is when Ro extends the note at the end of When you say Nothing At All and surpasses even his own previous attempts, the crowd locked in awestruck (what a star). Ro deserved the rapturous applause he received.

Lovin' Each Day needs no introduction and is taken to the hearts of the crowd, whose fervour is self evidence. Ro’s vocals are full of joy and ecstasy; he’s on a roll.

Hardly stopping to draw breath Ro hurtles headlong into the timeless anthem Rollercoaster. This is a song that is synonymous with Ronan and seems to reflect perfectly Ro’s sunny and cuddly personality. The party is now on, Ro leaves the audience wanting more and reeling from the excitement of it all.

The electrifying intro to Turn it On entices Ro back on stage. Its a song which when heard live takes on a life all of its own. Ro’s voice explodes with energy and passion and is red-hot like a scorching fire cracker.

So the fire gets hotter; Picture of You threw a Boyzone ember into the fire. Ro’s vocals were zesty and playful and he clearly enjoyed the audience reaction as they threw back the lyrics and gestured toward Ronan singing I had a picture of you in my mind (mesmerising).

As always unfortunately the Ro experience has to reach an end.

The Long Goodbye always signals the end of a beautiful and romantic evening spent being serenaded by the delectable Mr K. A hush descended over the crowd as if to soak up every last luscious note, Ro’s vocals were sweet and sorrowful, as the audience dreamily lost themselves in the wonder of it all.

The resounding message on everyone’s lips, after a glorious musical adventure with Ronan must be a resounding; turn it on, turn it on again, Ronan.

Photos from this show are in the gallery.

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