Ronan’s tour of Australia is the subject of this writing
To inform his fans of his every sighting
Ronan’s love for Australia is well known
So that his absence we bemoan!

It was quite a coup to see this interview, live and new
I'm sure he was a bit tired from his whirlwind tour
But for any show. having Ronan appear is quite a lure

His concerts have been performed in quite excessive heat
But he hasn’t complained at all
He’s always quite the gentleman, kind and sweet
And answered many a curtain call

Australians call him their Irish ‘mate’
And hope he’ll return in the future, not too late
And maybe next time he’ll bring the boys as well
We love them all, can’t you tell!

Ronan was a guest on an Aussie morning talk show
but perhaps not many of you, would that know
Ronan listened to a fashion reporter talk on the golden globes awards
And the problems with the rainy weather
But a big thumbs up was given to Ronan’s jacket of leather
His t shirt was in colour grey
And he publicised his album called in Australia ‘Stay’

He also talked of the new single from Boyzone
And talked in tribute of Stephen and the sadness the boys have known
His apprehension of the boys again joining again
And the song that Mika did pen

He talked about Stephen’s voice so poignant
Pure and magnificent
The moving images in the video of the song
A tribute that will in fans eyes last long

Clips were shown of ‘when you say nothing at all’
And he marvelled at how the song was ten years old
And how the song still stood tall
And all the copies sold

Ronan took part in a cooking segment about making kids breakfasts for school
He talked about what his kids started the morning with porridge and fruit as a rule
But was given instructions to try making crunchy muesli
Feeling lucky he wasn’t given the job of egg poaching
He went about his task needing little coaching
Cutting bananas with skill as the ad break was encroaching

Kiwi fruit and strawberries decorated the muesli plate
Maybe not enough food to an appetite sate
And one that wouldn’t put on any weight

He mentioned he talking on skype to those back home
And reminding his children to brush their teeth and hair to comb
Ronan said he loves Australia and how we share the same sense of humour
And how the winery concerts might indicate his love of wine, which may be a rumour ;)

You are charming and your voice is pure gold
And if I may be so bold
We’d like to adopt you as an Aussie
And I’m not being overly bossy!

I hope you liked this little essay
On the one and only Mr Keating
And to paraphrase his song Ronan please ‘stay’
In Australia or at least don’t make it too long before our next meeting