Stuttgart was even better than Düsseldorf two days before, I really didn’t expect that beforehand, but it was simply amazing! I had a second row seat, but right in the middle, which was great of course. I got a bit annoyed at the beginning because people didn’t want to stand, and when we stood up, the people behind us got very angry. But during the third song or so, some girls started to go to the front at the sides, so I did too, and shortly after we could go right in front of the stage, I was so close, oh my God! Ronan was about 1-2 metres away from me.

He was on great form, smiling a lot and clearly enjoying the show! It was so good to see him so happy! He thanked us that we still want him and come to his shows, haha of course we do! :-)  It’s so funny that he took the train again from Munich to Stuttgart! He seems to really like it, and told us to be proud of our country, because it’s so beautiful. :-)

His voice was perfect as usual, well the sound wasn’t the best from where I stood, but I preferred having the man himself up-close to having the perfect sound.

Sadly, the crowd was pretty lame at the beginning and stayed in their seats until “Lovin’ each day”! But then, and especially during “Life is a Rollercoaster”, they finally got into it and it was really good then!

“Summer outside” was a highlight again, as it always is, and I really enjoyed “If you love me”, too! Such a great song to party in front of the stage, brilliant!

After the long note in “When you say nothing at all”, we were cheering and clapping like mad and Ronan was standing on stage with a huge grin on his face and asked: “Do you wanna sing?” and then he held the microphone into the crowd and we should sing “that you need me”, but we didn’t succeed because nobody really knew when to sing and which melody, haha… that was funny!

But apart from that, it’s so difficult to pick out highlights because the whole show was just one big highlight, I think I love Ronan even more now, haha didn’t think that this would be possible!

Sadly the tour is over now for me, but I hope that he will come back soon with a new solo album!

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