First of all the word that describes Ronan’s show in Düsseldorf the best: BRILLIANT!!! I enjoyed every second of it, he was so good and I can’t believe that he still gets better and better, as I already thought that he was perfect on stage at my first concert 8 years ago, haha!

It was the first time that we had seats here in Germany so it was quite different from the other shows I’ve been to so far. But it was great that it wasn’t necessary to be there hours before, wait in the rain just to get a good place, we had our front row tickets und could be relaxed! But naturally, I wasn’t relaxed at all :-) I was so nervous because I haven’t seen Ronan for 3 years!!! Was a bit gutted though because my seat was quite far away from the middle of the stage, plus the stage was very high and far away from the seats. I think the height was also the reason why he didn’t come down during “The way you make me feel”, aaawww I was so disappointed! I bet he’s gonna come down on Sunday in Stuttgart, when I’m only second row. ^^ But well, I’ll just go from the beginning now.

At 8 pm, the support Erik Penny came on stage, just him and his guitar, that was quite cool! I really liked his music and bought his CD afterwards, which I got signed straight away and me and Janina talked a bit to him. It was funny because when he was on stage, he recognized some of the fans from the night before and said that we should all sing along like they did yesterday, lol…. So we did!

He played roughly until 8.30 pm and shortly after, Ronan came on stage, yay!! I was so excited by that time, my heart was pounding like mad! :-) He started off with “Friends in time”, love that song!

I’m not going to write something about every single song because I can’t remember everything, but just a few things that I could keep in my mind!

The crowd was great, everyone was standing as soon as Ronan came on stage, singing and clapping along, that was really cool. I think Ronan liked it, too! :-) When he told us that he was happy to be back to Germany and everything, he also said that he didn’t want to fly around Germany like he always does, so that morning, he went to the train station in Frankfurt (where he played the night before) and caught the train to Dusseldorf, and he loved it because he could see a lot of our country! He was impressed by our “great train system”, haha, if only he knew…. He said he would do that for the rest of the week now. ^^

Later on, he also said that sometimes he has to pinch himself because he doesn’t believe that he’s really playing everywhere around the world, in countries his parents have never been to, and that it sometimes just doesn’t seem real, that was so cute! :-)

I loved the moments when he came right to our side of the stage and we could look him in the eyes, aaahhh great! :-)

The part about Steo was moving, but beautiful and I found it a bit weird afterwards, don’t know how to explain it, but with that tribute and “Winter Songs” afterwards, the party mood was gone, but thank God it came back afterwards! I think he should actually explain who Stephen was, because he was not that well known here in Germany (at least not over the past few years), and I bet that there were many people who thought “What is he talking about?”

One of my favourite points of the show was “Summer outside”, it’s so lovely to see him messing around with his band, and he always seems so happy singing that song! The funniest moment was after his little “Riverdance” with Jo, he turned down her microphone stand which was very small then, haha, of course he laughed his head off and Jo shot him a look like “You won’t get away with that!”. *lol* that was so cool….

During “Life is a Rollercoaster”, people started to run to the front, and I managed to get at least a little bit closer, haha. Everyone was clapping, singing and dancing, a real party! During “Picture of you”, he came to the front of the stage and held his hands down into the crowd, I managed to get his fingers twice, aaawww didn’t want to wash my hand afterwards! :-) He seemed to stay for ages right in front of me, that was just such a “wow”-moment, I loved it of course! And he stepped on my banner which was lying in front of me on the stage, haha! Thank God he didn’t slip out on it! :-)

Sadly it was over far too fast, and “The long Goodbye” came on. We screamed our hearts out when he asked “Are you ever coming back again?”, I hope that we were loud enough!

Pictures from the concert are in the gallery...

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