Ronan blew everyone away at Hampton Court starting the show off on a high, he burst into a rendition of "I love it when we do".

Ronan followed with a string of his irresistable loveable ballads, which sent the audience into a spellbound trance.

Ronan was in his element beaming from ear to ear. whilst inbetween songs he bantered with the audience and was clearly glad to be back.

The Van Morrison classic "Brown Eyed Girl", and now one of Ronan's group pleasers, got the crowd boppin incessantly.

Ronan played four tracks off the new album; "Friends in Time" and "It's So Easy Loving You" showcasing his mid-Atlantic rock style, whilst "All over again" and "Iris" tugged at the heartstrings.

Ronan's voice was powerful and gutsy on the uptempo tracks, yet gorgeously smouldering for the classic Ronan ballads.

Ronan is back on the circuit with a new album and an infectiously irresistible show, they say a change is as good as a rest, but we would never want Ronan to change and lets hope we don't have another rest from his talents.

"Rollercoaster" raised the roof towards the end of the show, whilst the finale of "Lovin each Day" and "The Long Goodbye" left the crowd longing for more.

I can't wait to see Ronan again at the other summer gigs.

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