Kenwood House served as the opulent backdrop to Ronan's penultimate concert.

It is difficult to give a review on this concert, as the distance with which the audience were away from the stage clearly affected the atmosphere. It was a strange idea to have a small lake in between Ronan and his audience.

No disrepect to Ronan, he put his heart and soul into the concert, and all credit to him that he got everyone enthusiastically involved, however the venue location served to scupper any banter and usual rapport Ronan has with his audience.

Ronan is not meant to be so excluded from his fans, he is a tactile and personal performer.

Ronan began his set with the earthy and rocky "Turn it on again".

The awe inspiring melodies of "When you say nothing at all", "We've got Tonight", and "All over again", warmed the hearts and souls of everyone on what was a cold damp night.

The hauntingly beautiful "Iris" needs no explanation as to why Ronan decided to cover this track, his interpretation of the song is vocally stunning, and a cover version that Ronan can be proud of as always.

Ronan's voice had depth and clarity when he performed the classic Ronan ballads, whilst he delivered a vigour and vibrance to his up-tempo tracks such as "Lovin each Day" and "Rollercoaster".

The Van Morrison classic, "Brown Eyed Girl" and now a much loved favourtie of Ronan and his fans, blew Kenwood House away.

Roll on next year when the arena tour kicks off and the rollercoaster ride begins all over again.

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