Time of my Life is both thrilling and inspiring in its emotions, with effortless sounding vocals it pours over your senses as smoothly as cream pouring of the spoon of Irish coffee.

Ronan has delved deep inside his heart and soul for this album, and composed an emotional, yet also uplifting album full of sincerity and sensitivity.

Title track to the album Time Of My Life is Let Me Love You, which starts from humble acoustic origins and builds into a huge anthemic song, with Ronan's vocals sounding strong and bold, whilst singing of the joys of cinema queues, ticket stubs, and teenage dreams, one can't help but notice these lyrics obviously relate to his own teenagers, Jack and Missy; what a lovely gift from a parent, to declare to their siblings, their love.

As Long As We're In Love has a naive and child like lyric to it, that declares no one can touch us as long as were in love, which is deeply romantic, and a man and woman's description of their undying love. Ro's vocals are very defined and strong and declare his joy in being in love with his partner Storm.

Breathe is my favourite track on the album, it's a beautifully atmospheric and floaty track that has a sense of wonderment about it, which leaves you feeling elated and mesmerised. Ronan's vocals are simple and very pure and have a reflective tone to them, which reflects the songs essence.

She knows Me, written for the love of his life, Storm, as are many of the tracks on this album, is a beautiful track and has an intimately sweet sound to it, and Ro's love is all so obvious in his vocals.

Time Of My Life has a somewhat black humour to it, in that the words are slightly cathartic, and give a double meaning to the lyrics; "this is the time Of My Life", Ro's voice is stark and edgy as he vocalises this song. Passionate lyrics "let me recklessly love you", "wanna be a perfect crime", are seductive and ever so hot.

In your Arms is a sweet melodic and angelic sound, Ro's voice is soft and sensitive and heartbreakingly vulnerable, it sweeps you up into an emotion of fairytale dreams of the gallant hero and damsel in distress, it's a beautiful and hugely powerful track.

Landslide is an adorable song and Ro's woos in this song are cutely infectious and you can't help singing along with him. His voice is gloriously golden, and it's a song which would not be disagreeable whilst cruising along the highway on a summer day.

Keep it Simple is an innocent love song and Ro's tone is pure and honest, it has a beautiful piano intro and sound throughout it. There is gorgeous build up to "when I see you smile it's through the eyes of a child", poetic lyrics, which really hit your heart and Ro sounds melancholic and serene. It's a track not dissimilar to the big epic Superman, and there are no apologies needed for this, as they're are both beautifully exquisite songs, in their own right and are a declaration of everlasting love.

Don't Think I Remember is a rich folksy track with instrumental resemblances to the Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight, an epic song, it's a song which for me has a strong message of home, and I wonder if it is an answer to critics of Ro, who chastised him for leaving Ireland, "you think I don't remember but I do", only my interpretation, not Ro's. Songs on this album are open to many differing interpretations, which is the beauty of it. For me, this is Ronan opening up his wounds to his fans and asking them to accept him through all the chaos, it's a song that is deeply moving and heartfelt and you can't listen to it without feeling the hurt within him. His voice is expressive and mournful, yet resolute in its tone, in that Ro has acknowledged his demons and embraces his new life with hope and wonder.

Shine Like Gold is gloriously uplifting and my favourite on the album, it has a bright and sunshiny feel to it, that crescendoes with the chorus of "Goooooold". It's simply an up-tempo love song that expresses the emotions felt by Ronan for his new love and encapsulates his enthusiasm and awakening to his new chosen life.

Grow Old With Me is a classy and sophisticated song that sums up what every couple wish for; to grow old together, and remain in each other's arms forever, Ro's vocals are deep and drenched in sincerity.

Falling Slowly is heartbreakingly romantic, and for me brings back lovely memories of being front stage for the beautifully heartfelt musical Once, and seeing Ro so vulnerable and emotional whilst singing this in the role of the lovelorn Guy, it quite brought me to tears and still does on the record.

Personally, I would have preferred Falling Slowly as a single choice, as I feel it would have impacted the chart more, having been accessible to theatre goers and Ro fans alike. However, I do understand the logic behind Let Me Love You being released as it is different sound and direction for Ro, in that it favours a more up-tempo theme, which Ro and his promoters like to get out there to dispel the strong and although positive image of Ro as just a balladeer, this is different sweet fruit from Ro's garden of fruitfulness, yum.

Time of my Life is certainly up to the standard we Ro fans expect from Ro himself, heartfelt and sumptuous lyrics, but with a new energy. A rebirth of his emotions for himself and those around him, it's an album that is at times agonizingly beautiful in its honesty. It pulls no punches in that it conveys everything Ro has internalised lyrically in his heart and mind.

It's a wondrous journey through the deepest ravines and crevasses of human emotion and mind, and that mind just happens belong to the captivating and deeply intuitive singer songwriter that is our Ronan Keating.

Roll on the tour where we can indulge ourselves in these sweet musical treats, up close and personal.

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