Turn It On is a great album, special for many reasons. The most important thing about it is that all the tracks (except the two covers) were co written by Ronan himself. Ronan has a rare gift for writing grand melodies, pieces of music that have their very own special character, style, vibe or whatever you want to call it, making them unique and unforgettable. So it is no wonder that in the past he has been honoured with awards for writing the songs 'Picture of You' and 'The Long Goodbye', and it is no coincidence that songs like 'Feel' or 'Sea of Love' are adored by those who were lucky enough to discover them as b-sides on his singles.

This album contains a breathtaking collection of outstanding melodies. It doesn’t matter whether it is an energetic up-tempo song like 'Back in the Day', a  romantic one like 'First Time' or a rocky tune like the title track 'Turn It on Again' - they are at all times excellent. Listen and feel how 'I Wouldn’t Change a Thing' gradually grows from a ballad to a huge passionate song! It is unusual to find an album with such a big amount of good tracks on it - each song has its own magic and could easily be released as a single.

One of the best possible choices for a single seem to be 'Last Thing on my Mind' - a fabulous duet with LeAnn Rimes (his best duet so far except for Melting Pot, where Ronan’s voice blends perfectly with Tracy Ackerman’s ‘dark’ voice) or the wild 'Back In The Day', however if you want to pick a song that would be the most representative of Turn It On you have to choose some other track: 'First Time', 'She Believes (In Me)', 'The Best of Me' or 'Hold you Now', because the most striking feature of this album are Ronan's vocals. In most of the songs (those produced by Mark Tylor) there is a tangible contrast between thorough arrangements and Ronan’s rough vocals.  Listen to 'Let her Down Easy' – it really hits you. No matter how rich the accompaniment, the strong, hoarse, deep voice takes precedence in its own simple form - and in this case simplicity means brilliance.

Weak songs? I can’t find any on this record. However if I have to point a finger at anything it would be 'Give You What You Want' - the arrangement for this song is a bit simple, especially when you compare it to my favourite song, a real pearl on this album: 'Hold you Now' - with its hypnotic rhythm, characteristic gentle piano phrase and amazingly rough vocals.

Turn it On is definitely one of the best albums I've heard in the last few years. All that moaning about Ronan being 'middle of the road' as a singer is unfounded and it is funny how some critics keep repeating this banality. Reading their reviews you’d think that Ronan has sinned and has to pay a penalty solely for the fact of having been part of a boyband - which is more about the image than the music - and now it is more the critics' problem than Ronan's. Turn it On is first-rate sophisticated pop with strong rock influences. These songs will last in time regardless of fashion and are a rare example of music made with honesty, passion and unique talent.

You are not a Ronan fan? Then listen to his album, it will surprise you. Just check it out - the music speaks for itself.

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