Parts of this album were recorded in Australia while Ronan was working on his first X-Factor series. It includes duets with local artists who were chosen in cooperation with an his Australian record company. But also some from back in the days. In the credits there's an apology to his ex-wife Yvonne for his mistakes that lead to their divorce. To be honest that apology was a big reason why I bought the album.

"Say Say Say" (featuring Adeaze)

I hate wailing and have always done, for me it takes a really good singer to get away with it and there's way too much of it in this song. Ronan's parts are better, but I think I would have liked the song better if it was just him.

"All for Love" (featuring Guy Sebastian)

Guy Sebastian is a former Australian Idol contestant and one of Ronan's former X-Factor Australia judge colleagues. I heard this song years ago performed by Swedish boyband EMD and I love it, with this duet I needed some listenings to like it, the EMD version is much better.

"Believe Again" (featuring Paulini)

Unfortunately I find it difficult to hear the words because of the music (music that I don't like), but they sing well together so it's something that makes me not step over it. But not one of my favourites and their live performance on X-Factor Australia wasn't more interesting than the record version.

"To Love Somebody" (featuring Brian McFadden)

Brian McFadden is the Westlife member who left the band about 10 years ago and he's a good friend of Ronan (who was involved in the WL management during the BZ break). This is a really good duet. Their voices fit and they sound like they've nerver done anything but to duet.

"Islands in the Stream" (featuring The McClymonts)

I know the song well (well, actually just parts of the chorus like on so many other songs) and I like it. But I think it had been much better if he had dueted with a solo singer, not a group. It's better towards the end, but not good enough for me to like it.

"Wild World" (featuring Marvin Priest)

I like it. The lyrics are clear even though they drown in the music sometimes. But to me this sounds like a song Ronan could have written. It's that simple. I like Ronan's songs and this one sounds like one, so I like it.

"The Long Goodbye" (featuring Lee Kernaghan)

This is also a typical Ronan song. Meaningful lyrics and fitting music, just like many of his songs. But the song would have been better without Lee. As you may have understood I'm not a big fan of Ronan's duets, over all.

"Last Thing on My Mind" (featuring LeAnn Rimes)

This seems to be Ronan's own favourite duet and he still performs it on gigs, nowadays with his backing vocalist Jo Garland. I like it. You hear Ronan, LeAnn and the lyrics clearly and I like the pace.

"Father & Son" (featuring Cat Stevens)

This song has been with Ronan his whole career, he sang it on the Boyzone auditions. I don't like the duet, but the song is one of my favorites of all his covers. I recently have started to listen to the lyrics and they are really good and they suit Ronan.

"We've Got Tonight" (featuring Lulu)

This duet needed some listenings for me. Initially I thought that they sing very small parts together and that he could have sung it himself, but they actually duet very well and now I like it. The best thing with it is that the music doesn't take over.

"Your Song" (featuring Elton John) (Live 2000 / Madison Square Garden, New York)

As you see this track is from a concert years ago but I think it fits into the album, this must have been a big moment for Ro. I don't like when it's too much other things than the song going on, but it's a completely different feeling to it, so it's OK here.

"It's Only Christmas" (featuring Hayley Westenra)

This duet I've reviewed earlier (it's also on Winter Songs) and I like it. I don't usually like other Christmas songs other than the most traditional ones but this song, which Ronan wrote with another lad is an exception. He's a good Christmas song singer.

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