I bought this CD 9 years before I actually became a Ronan fan. I haven't listened to it very much, but some of the songs I've heard in other ways through the years. I'm not surprised that the songs that became hits did so.

When You Say Nothing at All
I saw the film Notting Hill many years after it was released and I heard the song just after the release I think. I actually don't associate the song with the film at all. But I love it and the sing along vibe is incredible, it's impossible for me not to sing along.

Life is a Rollercoaster
I've always loved this song, but after spending the last 12 months reading everything about Ronan on the net this song feels more true now than ever before. This is a song I couldn't have avoided to hear over the years, even though I don't listen to the radio very often. And now that I know the words properly I always sing along.

The Way You Make Me Feel
I like this song, both the lyrics and the music, it always makes me move. Sometimes some uptempo is good in a ballad. In this song the words arent drowning in the music, it's clear and I understand exactly what he means.

Lovin' Each Day
According to Ronan this is a song people come to his concerts for. I don't understand them at all. For me it's way too much uptempo and I haven't even tried to understand the lyrics. Songs like this one just make me feel overstrained.

If Tomorrow Never Comes
This one has also always been impossible not to hear on the radio and everywhere through the years. I feel the same about this song as about Life is a Rollercoaster, it means so much more to me knowing Ronan's background. And I sing along to the lyrics I know.

I Love It When We Do
The chorus is too uptempo for me, but the verses – both the msuic and words - are good. I generally don't like such songs, I prefer balads but I definitely don't like this variation.

We've Got Tonight (German Version)
This song is too slow for me. And I actually don't like Ronan's voice from this time very much. After some listens (and after looking them up) I understood the words better though, so it became better and better.

The Long Goodbye
I don't like long intros, I get bored even before the lyrics start. This song has too much beat and the words are too unclear to me. I understand why it isn't one of the hits. But like with many of the other songs, after some listenings it gets better.

Lost For Words
I like the beat, but the words are way too unclear to me. English is just my second language, but I want to be able to understand most of the lyrics just by listening anyway. The words drown in the drum/beat.

Father And Son
I love this song, but not the original version and not the duet – just Ronan's own version. The fact that this was his audition song when he auditioned for Boyzone and that his first child was a boy makes it even more special.

I had no idea that this song is on this album, I'd just heard it with Boyzone until some months ago. I love both versions. This is really my kind of song, not too much music that drowns the words and very meaningful words.

Baby Can I Hold You
I think I love this one of the same reasons as Words, it's a nice song to listen to while working on the computer or just relaxing. And the words are easy to understand so it's easy to sing along to this one too.

I Hope You Dance
When I heard this song the first time I thought it was so boring. But it obviously needed more listens, now I think it's good. The backing vocals take over a bit too much sometimes though. The repeating of the same line over and over again isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but here it doesn't matter to me.

Somebody Else
This one was also too unclear and slow the first time I listened to it and the words drowned in the music. But after some listenings I understood the text better and that made the song better. This one has potential to become a song I will listen to a lot, I think.

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