When I read the album title I'd expected more winter/Christmas songs, but the mixture is good I think.

Winter Song
I don't like long intros, I almost get bored before the lyrics start. I used to think that this beat is too slow, but there's something that makes it work here. The words drown in the music, both are good but it would have been better if I was able to hear the words properly.

I like the very clear text which I think is very strong, to me it seems quite ”desperate”, but the music doesn't make it feel like that. The music suits the song very well I think. The video to this one used to go on repeat at work, mostly to listen to the song.

The important text, some kind of an apology for not being perfect, drowns a little bit in the slow beat, but I like the song. Usually I like dynamics in a song, but here I would have prefered the silent piano music.

Homeward Bound
Not one of my favourites, but it has a good beat. Again a little bit too long intro. I would have prefered this song a little bit more silent. The music drowns the words sometimes, especially in the choruses.

Most of all I like the text of this song, I can imagine myself lying on a float and be carried away by the river. I like that Ronan's cute irish accent is showing a little bit in this song ("cuttin'", or almost "cutten"). But he could have skipped some of the piano solos.

It's Only Christmas
Not one of my favourite Christmas songs, but a very good Ronan song. For once I think there's something missing in the arrangement, a violin would have suited the song, I think. And much backing vocals. I also think it would have suited as a duet.

Little Drummer Boy
Christmas songs are so right for Ronan. This is a very good version of the song, which I've always liked. Stephen Gately's harmonies on this song are brilliant and I love that those two are doing this together.

Ring Them Bells
The arrangement is too slow and boring for me, I don't even listen to the text either, I can't relate enough to the words. What I like though are (some of) the backing vocals, they really suit the song. I would have prefered less drums beats.

I like the music and it's slow enough for me to hear all the words and understand the story. This one would have worked with just a guitar (before the fire) too and I like such songs. I think I will look for some background info to this song, maybe I'll like it better then.

Silent Night
There's no Christmas without this song and Christmas songs really suit Ronan. This is a really good version of such a classic song. I like original versions of Christmas songs and that's one of the reasons to why this one is so good, no unnecessary additions.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Something more uptempo is good after the silent song before. This isn't my favourite Christmas song, but he does it justice. I have actually listened to this song more over the last years than before and this is one of the best versions.

I Won't Last a Day Without You
This song got better after some listens, the first time I listened I stopped halfway through. I don't know why I don't really like it. I think it's something about the music, 'cause the words are very good.

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