I've understood that there was much music in the house when Ronan grew up and I really like the idea of putting together songs his beloved mother loved.

Time After Time
Ronan's story about how he used to call his mother's favourite artist Candy Looper is something that has made me really remember this song. I've heard the original version and I like it but this version is really good.

Make You Feel My Love
I love Ronan's ballads in general and this is a really good one. It makes me feel really relaxed.

Both Sides Now
The first time I heard this song, some years ago by a female singer, I didn't hear most of the text so to hear this version made me understand the text and now I love it.

I didn't have very high expectations about this song, about a boy I didn't know about. But I like the music.

The title of this song was totally meaningless to me, because I didn't know what it was. I heard the song and really liked it before I heard that the title is a town in Northern Ireland. I don't usually like songs about cities, but I like the music.

I Believe I Can Fly
I hadn't actually listened very carefully to this song before I heard Ronan's version. Then I absolutely understood it. I don't like the 'd-o-o-o-r' thing, but beside that it's really good.

Mama's Arms
When I read that Ronan hasn't written this song I was very surprised, it's exactly his kind of song and the text felt exactly like he had written it. Even though this is the only version I've heard I can't imagine anyone else covering it. I LOVE it.

The Wild Mountain Thyme
This song I've known for many many years (but not with exactly the same lyrics) and I love that it's on this CD. I like the music and he does a very good version of it. I wish I'll be able to hear it live one day.

Suspicious Minds
Elvis has been covered so many times and to impress me the version has to be really good. Elvis' original version isn't the best one – this one is.

This is Your Song
I like that he's written it like it's from the whole family, not just him. There's no doubt that it's his real feelings from that time, nothing invented. I also like the dynamics of the song.

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