The album "Fires" will surely light a fire in your heart, there's a song for everyone. From fast paced party songs to the soft gentle love songs. The perfect album for someone who has random mood changes daily. It kind of reminds me of Ronan's first album (I listen to all of the albums all the time), full of fun, love, compassion and adventure. I don't know if many people have ever sat down and listened to all of Ronan Keating's albums in order. If you have then you'll notice it's like one big story, bringing truth to the song "Life is a Rollercoaster".

Which brings me back to the album "Fires". 
The song "Nineteen Again" is a fun get up and dance song with the feeling of being young and in love again (which Ronan is); you can hear his passion strongly in this song. Tag it with "NYC Girl", "Oxygen" and "Will You Ever Be Mine" and your party will be moving with energy. 
Having a day where the world just seems to be against you? The song "Fires" is a great pick me up song. It has a great motivational feel. Don't let the darkness derail you. Like Ronan has said in many interviews, this album is so everyone has a song to relate to. Something to pick up the gloomy days. Another great song I find motivational is "Wasted Light". Don't regret your past, use it to make better decisions for future, don't spend your time wasting away the good things in life. 
"I've Got You" in my opinion is a great song about not giving up in your relationship and working together. 'Why are we waiting for one more breath?' You know? Don't let trivial things break your relationship. Get in there, don't stop until you have them in your arms and don't let distance be your barrier. 
Has anyone noticed the positiveness of these songs yet?
My personal favorite song on the album "Fires" is "Lullaby" (Deluxe Version). This song is personal to me because it has helped me to release my daily stress, I have had a troubled life and followed Ronan since the Boyzone days. I didn't really have anyone to look up to  I was a lonely child I guess, frightened and scared so when I heard this song I cried, it was like it was just for me. Many people would say I'm too obsessed or addicted to Ronan Keating, but they don't know my story or how his music has really helped me throughout my childhood and early adulthood. People have told me that Ronan Keating's music has really helped pick them up on their darkest days and that this album is perfect for today's society. 
I urge everyone to buy this album even if you are not a "Ronan Keating" fan. Just listen to the music and feel good. I totally promise it is worth it. I know I left a few songs out of the review, but this is getting a bit long and you are all probably a little tired of reading. Remember enjoy the small things in life. AND RONAN KEATING ROCKS lol.

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