Bring You Home, Ronan's fourth studio album is embellished with gems that will appeal to young and old, diehard fans and casual radio listeners alike.

This is Ronan at his best. Bring You Home features the kind of anthemic pop songs and heart-rendering ballads that have given the Dublin singer a string of chart-topping hits over the years. Fans will be glad to hear there is no fundamental change of direction bar a natural progression in musical style. It is, in some ways, similar to his debut album, Ronan, and the title suggests that he may indeed have returned to his roots.

The word 'anthemic' springs to mind as soon as you hit the 'play' button and Friends in Time pumps out of your stereo.

Ronan's unerring sense of melody and his understanding of good pop music are evident throughout, but it is in This I Promise You that the first inklings of the singer's innate ability to create wonderfully universal love songs become apparent. "My love, here I stand before you/I am yours now from this moment on/Take my hand, only you can stop me shaking/We'll share forever, this I promise you".

Most of the tracks are slow and evenly paced with a high smooch factor, but they never become predictable.

Verses like "Trying to find some peace there in my soul/You know it was your love that saved me/The answers to my prayers you gave me/And I hope I'll be all you deserve" (Superman) qualify as some of the most romantic sentiments expressed in pop music in a long time.

A range of performers, including Jamie Cullum, Kate Rusby and Eimear Quinn have lended their skills to the recording of this album, while legendary Irish composers such as Simon Carmody and Ronan Hardiman have co-written some songs.

The album features the smash hit All Over Again, a duet with the British folk singer, Kate Rusby; and a soothing rendition of the Goo Goo Dolls' classic, Iris.

Perhaps these are clues as to why, when you reach the end of Bring You Home, you feel like you've been on a refreshing journey. Listen and savour!

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