Fires is Ronan being Ronan, and yet also spreading his wings and expanding his and our musical imagination into a new and exciting metamorphosis, whilst remaining true to his identity.

Fires, the opening track, is anthemic and inspirational, and is driven by motivational lyrics and high octane music. As Ro has openly said, it is about lighting a fire under the past and moving on to a brighter future after the troubles he has endured. This is an album which sees Ronan occupy musical genres he has previously uninhabited. Songs such as NYC Girl and Oxygen are invigorating and surprisingly different for Ro. NYC Girl is bubble gum pop, and wouldn't be lost on a teeny pop album, and I mean that in the nicest sense, in that it is pure fun and frolics, and has Ro's voice sounding cute and ditsy. Oxygen is an emotionally charged and lyrically dramatic song, with lyrics as emotive as "like the beat in my chest is my GPS knows best how to find you", "fill up my lungs and let me come alive", it's a corker of a song, which I feel could become another Turn it on again at the live shows, in that it has so much energy and is so seductive; "I’m not in love with you cause I want to be, its not up to me, I’m in love with you cos I have to be, you're my oxygen"; such incredibly tantalising lyrics, it's a sure fire hit, and I hope they release this track as a single, as I feel it would introduce a new audience to Ro as a performer, whilst satisfying his long term fans, it's smoking hot!

Ronan reminds us what an insightful artist and creator of beautiful songs he really is with his two self penned tracks; Easy now my Dear and I've Got You; two gems off the album. Easy now my dear is a pretty and meaningful ballad, and Ronan's vocals are sooooooo seductive and gentle it is easy on the ear and a return to Ronan's roots as hero of the romantic ballad. Whilst, I've Got You sees Ronan cool and confident with his vocals, on a song which has similarities to Everywhere you go, in musical style and content; it's a catchy and effervescent little song that breezes along.

This album has everything a Ronan fan could want, and a lot, lot more; the romantic and dramatic ballads that Ro is so famous for are here, such as The One you Love, an atmospheric love song, and of course the two previous songs, plus Lullaby, a moving and emotional song, which is cleverly given a modern vibe with the introduction of KIZmusic, a young rapper from London; Ro and Rap together is pleasantly astounding.

Then there's quirky and catchy little sing along jaunts such as Nineteen Again, a track given the Gregg Alexander touch, with lyrics so colourful and characterful as "some may say we’re over the hill at 25, just beginning to thrill", this coupled with Ro's bouncy and enigmatic vocals steals your heart away.

There are so many wonderful descriptions I can give about this album, but I have condensed my feelings in this case, which is difficult, in order to strike while the iron's hot, if you pardon the pun, to get this review out while Fires is still smoking. Fires is a montage of musical genius, from the introduction of Gregg Alexander, to the artists Electric and Kizmusic’s contribution, and of course not forgetting the accomplished artist that is our Ro, who ties this bundle of joy together with his passionate and inspirational vocals and creative vision.

So, in this review I am reaffirming what many of the fans already acknowledge about this album, it is genius, in the truest sense of the word; if you haven’t bought it already why not go get it now, and own the masterpiece of this year.

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