When Ronan Keating announced his new Album "FIRES", all of his fans got excited about it; I think "Fires" meets all their expectations.

Ronan Keating's first album of original songs in six years sees the singer reunited with the team behind "Life is a Rollercoaster" and "Lovin' Each Day". In my opinion, his last album "When Ronan met Burt" was so different and Ronan proved that he can succeed in other styles, too. But I think he is back to his roots with "Fires", and this album will be one of the adorable albums. Every track has a different style and as he said in all his recent interviews, the message of this album is positive and optimistic. We can get this message from his songs.

Undoubtedly, "Fires" is the best song of the album and as Ronan said about the video, it means the 'new' Ronan was born.
The first time I listened to samples of "Fires" on Amazon, I was immediately attracted to "I’ve got you". When I listened to "Nineteen again" and "NYC Girl", at first I saw some similarity with "Lovin Each Day". As one reviewer said they are a throwback to "Lovin Each Day".

We’ve waited for this album for 6 years, but after listening to it, I think it was worth the waiting.

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