Well, it was certainly worth the wait! I have already written on "Fires" [the single] from the first time I heard it on the Rob Brydon show, my opinion has not changed, it is an awesome song, gives me goosebumps and makes me want to jump up and down during the chorus!

As for the other tracks on the album.....

"I've Got You" - To me this has a great "feel good" factor to it. Ronan has co-written it and I love how uptempo it is. It's a really good song to sing along too!

"Love You and Leave You" - This is a sad ballad, love the key changes, I guess this is what people think of when they think of a Ronan ballad. You would not be disappointed, but it has a different twist to it. I love the line, "where there's smoke there's usually fire". It has a sad feel to it and I wonder if it's related to his personal life. Definitely worth listening to all the lyrics on this one.

"Nineteen Again" - dancy pop tune, bit of a Rollercoaster intro. This song reminds me of "Hold You Now", not sure why! I don't think it's one of the strongest songs on the album, but can imagine it'll sound great live.

"Wasted Light" - This has such a pretty tune, it's one to sway to! It has a storyline to it and I love how the tune goes up. It's really different and Ro's voice sounds so different in the tune. I love it!

"Lullaby" - Wow, Lullaby! I tweeted in a question to Ro on a radio station about the hardest song on the album to finish and his answer was Lullaby. He explained it was getting it right and because it was written including a rap per, KizMusic. This made me really intrigued and I was glad we could hear snippets of the album on Amazon so I could hear it. What a fab song, so different and daring really. Great track, just listen and enjoy!

"Easy Now My Dear" - This song is just gorgeous, it really shows Ro's voice off and how it has matured. It's a slow ballad, but just magic. I love the words too.

"NYC Girl" - fantastic dance number. This track will be superb live! BBC2's Jo Whiley thinks it sounds like a BeeGees or Justin Timberlake track! It does not sound like Ro's voice, which shows how versatile he is. Love it!

"Oxygen" - I can't stop dancing and singing along to this song. It's really catchy and fun. It's upbeat, I love the words, love the chorus, the speed of the song!

"Close Your Eyes" - Quite a long musical intro compared to the others, the words are really lovely. It gets rocky quickly, has a very powerful, rocky chorus. Can imagine him singing it holding on to his mike stand and falling back belting it out!

"Get Back to what is real" - Another upbeat track you just can't help singing along too. Love the chorus, "tell me what you feel", has a "Lovin' Each Day" feel good factor to it.

"The One You Love" - The longest track on the album, it's such a soft song. Ronan's voice sounds so beautiful. Can see us all swaying to it at a concert with our arms around each other! It's got a good message to it, love it too!

"It's Alright" - Great song! Boppy, fun and just makes you dance and smile!

"Will You Ever Be Mine?" - Another great dance track! Not sure it's what people expect of Ronan which is a good thing! It's quite a stacatto song really, his voice sounds different again and I like it but it's not my fave. Think I prefer the words to the tune, but his voice sounds sexy!

"Lullaby" - Ronan singing without KIZ. I could just listen to this song for forever. I find it soooo dreamy. I love it so much.

In summary, this is a great new album from Ronan. The tracks are different, vibrant and rocky. There are of course some ballads, but the main feel of the album is upbeat. The songs range from pop to rap and you will NOT be disappointed by "Fires"! A sense of Ronan's feelings come through as you hear the words of his songs, but this is not surprising given the fact he lost Steo and his family have experienced major changes in the last couple of years. Nonetheless, it is a positive album, it shows how his voice has matured over the last twenty years. It is fresh, it is addictive, he can still make amazing music, let's say goodbye to the past and move forward! as Ro says, "...and never stop lighting Fires!"

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