The adorable Ronan returns with his legendary hero; Burt Bacharach and together they have created the exquisite “When Ronan Met Burt”.

This is a collaboration that has all the sweetness and clarity of a fine wine.
Produced by Bacharach and Wells, and performed by Ronan. It’s an album that flows freely with musical manners and poetic lyrics; many of these songs previously written and recorded in the 60s hold nostalgic memories for some and highlight a gentler time, which is reflected through the innocence of the lyrics.

We glide gently into this album with the wondrous orchestral overture leading to Ro’s vocals on ”The look of Love”.  Ro’s vocals on this track are sooooooo seductive and sultry, the saxophone is tantalising, hypnotic, and a joy to the ear.  Ro has an aching in his voice that carries you to a lovelorn world.

“Walk on by”, the Dionne Warwick classic, is given a slow, soulful and mournful tone. Ronan’s voice exudes a sadness and longing and as a woman you feel the need to comfort him, so real are his emotions.

“I’ll never fall in love again” has Ro sounding delicious and dreamy, and his emotion on this track is achingly beautiful. This song could quite easily have been written for our beautiful songbird Ro; the lyrics are so sweet and cute; it has a melodic and lyrical personality, not dissimilar to Ro’s "Superman". Its simplicity and naivety are its clever artistry.

“Arthur’s Theme” lavishly sweeps you into a fairytale world of undying love. Ro's vocals are laid back and mellow in expression and just drenched in sentiment; this is surely a song for all romantics.  As the theme song to the film Arthur, and as there is now a remake of this film, we wait with baited breath to see if our darling Ro will get the film score.
We are then awoken from our beautiful dream with the lively and vivacious “Little Red Book” and we see a different side to Ro’s musical personality - Ronan does jazz and nails it. Ro gives his vocals a snazzy and sharply cool twist; it’s infectious and leaves you bopping around the room incessantly. The ending on this track is explosive, as Ro puts a Ronanesque twist to it with a rip roaring vocal statement of “All I did was to talk talk about You!” and to quote the words of Bacharach “it's sheer genius”.

On “What the World Needs Now” Ronan conveys perfectly, in his whimsical and coy vocals, all the right emotions to transport us all to the thoughts and emotions of a perplexed lover, pondering the complexities of love, yet in a sweet and endearing way.

Bacharach’s sing along anthem, “What the World Needs Now” and fond childhood song of mine, is recreated perfectly by the beautiful Mr K.  Ro’s vocals on this track are delicious and dreamy, and the lyrics remain as poignant today as they did all those years ago.  

Just when you thought Ronan had diversified all he possibly could on this album, he gives us “Something Big”.  Ronan has a nonchalant and hip vibe to his voice and it’s a song with so many false endings, when the ending does arrive it hits you and leaves totally stunned.

"Something Big" and "Little Red Book" see Ro stretching himself as an artist, and gives us the opportunity to be introduced to the genre of jazz.

On the Dusty Springfield classic “I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself” and "surely the longest record title ever", jokes Ro, the vocals are distant and reflective, oh soooo vulnerable and heartbreakingly appealing.  As this song was obviously previously recorded by a female artist, Ro had quite a challenge to make the song his own, yet he does it soooooo beautifully, and puts his own slant on it, by introducing all the little things we love him for, his breathy and raspy inflections, and sweet octaves.

“This House is Empty Now” is so dramatic and theatrical, and lavishly sentimental it tears at your heart strings. The vocals on this track are breathtaking and so melancholic it has you yearning with the vulnerable Mr K for his now estranged love.

So we near the end of our musical love affair with the beautiful Mr K, with the song  “Make it Easy on Yourself”; it’s so luscious and Ro’s vocals are as succulent and tempting as a fresh ripe fruit, it leaves you with a sweet and delicious ending to this musical feast.

This is an album that showcases Ronan as a retro artist, who is a vocally charming singer, who can sweep you off your feet to a beautiful musical paradise that no other artist, in my opinion, will ever inhabit.

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