Well Ronan has done it again, brought out yet another fantastic album for our listening pleasure. His voice just gets stronger everytime he puts a record out.

Although it's another concept album from him it does not disappoint at all especially with the stunning 'Arthur's theme', 'Walk on by' and the feel good factor of 'My little red book'. All of the songs are brilliant but those 3 are the key tracks for me. I hope this album now gives him the platform he deserves to bring out another one of his fabulous self written/co-written albums as those are truly missed among his fans.

But seriously Ronan well done! What an honour having someone like Burt Bacharach call you and then putting out such an amazing record like this. Not many people can do that and be great at it. He will be around for years to come :) This is addictive listening trust me. This deserves to do well so come on people download or buy now!!!!!

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