On his album Duet, Ronan introduces us to a cocktail of musical tastes. This album is a goody bag of musical treats; sugary sweet ballads to zesty poppy and up-tempo tracks.

Ronan and Adeaze leap with effervescence into this album, with the Jackson and McCartney classic Say Say Say, which they give a snazzy and funky interpretation. Ro's voice on this track is edgy and rough; this is not to assume his voice is harsh on the ear, rather that it has a gritty and raw vibe to it. The brothers Adeaze sing with a soulful and mid-Atlantic tone.

The mood is then changed with the romantic All for Love, this is a sumptuous and sentimental track that allows you to drift away to a time when chivalry took centre stage and romance was alive. Ro's luscious and smouldering vocals blend dreamily with the soft laid-back tones of Guy Sebastian.

On Believe Again, Ronan reasserts himself as the king of sunshine feel good pop. His vocals on this track emanate with warmth and vibrancy, whilst Paulini introduces a soulful and sassy vibe, this track penned by Ronan for Danish Eurovision contestant Brinck was originally a ballad, but on this album is given a 2010 pop makeover. The track has the feel good factor coursing through its musical veins.

To Love Somebody, the Bee Gees classic, has a retro feel to it, whilst remaining true to Ronan's style. It is brought into the 21st century by Ronan and Brian McFadden, exchanging their boy band harmonies for the harmonies of the 60s boy band the Bee Gees. These two Celtic crooners blend together as deliciously as coffee and cream, frothy and luxurious as a latte.

Islands in the Stream, revered country classic of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, is given a Ronanesque embellishment. Ronan's vocals are as sweet and wholesome as apple pie and lemonade and steeped in sunshine harmonies, the McClymonts sing with a cheerful and heart-warming honesty with this sing along anthem.

Wild World, the first of two Cat Stevens covers on this album(which is no bad thing), is a song with light and shade, the light being the airy and sweet vocals of Ro contrasting with the edgy, in-your- face rap cameo of Marvin Priest. It’s a collaboration that is first and foremost brave in its diversity, yet refreshing and surprising in its clever artistry. Whoever thought we would hear rap and Ro together. May be Ro's rapping on the X Factor was an introduction to his new vibe.

The familiar tinkle on the piano introduces the heart­-warming and familiar concert classic The Long Goodbye, a song which has visited the charts several times for numerous artists, most noticeably Brookes and Dunn, who scored a number 1 in the US country charts. Also, not forgetting it scored a hit for the creator of this gem, Ronan. This song is now a duet with Ronan and Lee Kernaghan, Ro's voice is smooth and subtle with an innocent and angelic tone, which is complimented by Lee who has a rich full-bodied country sound, thus giving a country and western feel to this classic farewell anthem.

Last Thing On My Mind is another song that has a strong sense of country to it.  Ronan's vocals are mournful and sad on this song about estranged partners, reflecting on their loss.  LeAnne Rimes sounds sweet and sultry; together their voices intertwine perfectly in this song about longing and regret.

So we move on to a song from Ronan's Boyzone back catalogue, Father and Son, a song which introduced Ro to a more mature audience. It's a bittersweet musical journey through the relational complexities of a Father and a Son. Ronan's voice is sincere and full of emotion, whist Cat Stevens' is mellow and soulful.

We've Got Tonight, the Bob Seager track, has been lovingly and vocally moulded into the track which belongs to our Ro, hero of the romantic ballad. Ro's vocals are spellbinding and just exude with a sensuous and seductive tone. What women wouldn't fail to succumb to the vocal charms of the beautiful Mr K when he poses the question "We've got tonight, why don't we stay"?
Lulu's vocals are distinctive and soulful; however, I must profess to prefer Janet Ramus' rendition of this song with Ronan, as I feel she has a depth and intensity to her voice that heightens Ro's sensitive tones.

A collaboration Ro can proudly tick off his wish list is the Madison Square Garden duet Your Song, with another balladeer, Elton John. Elton, like Ro, knows how to execute a song, and bring out its full potential; this collaboration is a dream to listen to, the velvety and distinguished vocals of Elton's complement perfectly Ronan's light and airy, breathtakingly gorgeous octaves. The sheer longevity of Ronan and Elton's careers shows a true dedication and devotion, sadly missing in today's music industry. Whilst Ro does have some ground to make up to reach the status of Elton John, it is only down to his baby faced youth, and not lack of musical prowess.

Our final song, It's Only Christmas, is a track which truly pays testament to Ro's creative skills, as it was feverishly composed on route to an outside broadcast on Radio 2 (is there no limits to our Ro's musical dexterity and expertise? Seems not.).  A magical and wondrous track that conjures up images of snow laden Christmases with family and friends - it's adorable.  Ronan is a generous artist, who gives freely of himself, both emotionally and vocally; his delivery of this song is enchanting and moving, as he paints a magical and charming musical backdrop to Christmas, whilst Hayley Westenra's voice is classically beautiful and adds a sweet and feminine romantic quality to this song.

So we come to the end of this stunning album, which has played host to an abundance of musical genres, and has given all its listeners the opportunity to be a part of a colourful and creative musical journey. What a delight.

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