Turn It On is a departure away from Ronan's ballad driven albums, it has an angst ridden rock vibe to it. It is always nice to see Ronan approach different material, which stretches and broadens his horizons as a creative artist.

This album is very much a part of Ronan, many of the songs are self penned; unnecessarily slated by some critics and receiving a low chart position it is an album pretty much hiding its light under a bushel; and not given the recognition it deserves.
I feel many non-fans are resistant to change and have a blinkered stereotype of Ronan as a ballad artist only. This is not to belittle Ro's immense talent as a romantic balladeer, as his roots and foundations are around this genre, however this doesn't mean he shouldn’t experiment with a new sound.

Ronan, by producing the Turn It On album, shows he can successfully diversify as an artist.

Turn It On is an album that opens the door on what is a musical wonderland of innovative and exciting creations, it’s an album that shakes you up, and shatters any musical misconceptions you may have about Ro; it ignites your imagination and dazzles your senses.

On the opening track, Turn It On Again, Ro's vocals are raspy and throaty as he vocally paints a picture of a red-hot liaison.

Lost for Words, the single that got away, is a feisty rock rendition, it rocks along and could quite easily hold its own as a rock track. Ronan's vocals are raunchy and powerful, and lyrically pay homage to his musical imagination, lyrics as inventive and off beat as “I've got all these bits and pieces in my head, I know I'm a puzzle and you struggle with the things I haven't said” are sheer understated genius

She gets me inside is a melodic soft rock anthem which reaches deep down into your soul, and captures your heart. Ro's vocals are soulful and bewitching and have a real sense of seduction to their tone.

The beautifully crafted track First Time is soothing and easy on the ears, its lyrics are heartfelt and emotional. Ronan's voice is intense and deliciously smouldering, and brimming over with love and devotion, on this engaging song about romantic love.

Last thing on my mind, a collaboration with his musical heroine LeAnn Rimes, has Ro's vocals seductive and sultry and complemented perfectly by the dulcet tones of LeAnn.

Let her down easy is not a song I would associate instantly as a Ronan cover, but as I said this album is full of surprises, this is a pensive and thoughtful rendition of a Terence Trent D’Arby song. Ro’s tones are touching and sensuous on this song, which is about a much younger girl succumbing to the charms of an older and more experienced man.
Ro's vocals have a paternal warmth and maturity to them, and one can’t help but wonder if he isn't thinking about his own daughters as they grow, and how he would handle it if a similar situation were to happen to them; it’s a reflective track.

Back in the Day is a raunchy little number, it’s our Ro rockin’ out; Ronan’s vocals are gutsy and edgy and this track knocks your socks off with its sheer attitude. It’s a song which proves our Ro can rock out with the best of them.

She believes in me sees Ronan easing gently back into balladeer persona with this big emotional cover of the Kenny Rogers ballad. Ro’s vocals are just oozing with sensuality, and paint a romantic picture of a musician singing soulfully about his travels on the road, and how his partner fits into his all consuming musical world.

On My Way has a rock country vibe to its sound, Ro’s tones have an emotionally raw sound to them and reach an awe-inspiring husky and rocky crescendo at the end of this song.

The Best Of Me is a big bitter sweet power ballad that rocks just as much as it serenades, this track has a hybrid of sounds from Ro's passionate and touching vocals; from the delicate background piano to the full on electric guitar riff, its a Ronanesque classic big production and even bigger dramatic vocals.

Hold You Now has Ro's vocals soft and performed with an almost whispering intensity, it’s a lovely song that has a desperation and longing in its lyrics. It's a dream to listen to as it glides along gracefully.

This is your Song, a track which is poignant and heartfelt, surely touches the heart, with its raw emotional intensity. This song for me captures the essence of Ronan as an artist, it has honesty and pure uninhibited emotion.

I wouldn't change a thing, if released as a single, I feel would have catapulted Ro to the top, but it wasn't to be, its a quirky one off, which has a sun soaked vibe to it, suited to long lazy summer days spent travelling in your car. This track is soooooo catchy, once heard it rattles around in your head forever, and Ro’s vocals have a laid back tone.

A radiant song entitled Give you what you want closes the curtains on what is a stunning musical production. It’s a track which skips along merrily, it’s a modest and simple track, which has an innocent quality to it, and Ro’s vocals are wispy and airy and complement the sweetly flirtatious lyrics of this song.

So we reach the end to what is a Pandora's Box of an album, which rocks you, serenades you, surprises you, but ultimately entertains you with its eclectic sound.

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