I got this CD for mother's day and i just love it like i do all of my Ronan CD's, but this one i really think has all Ronans heart and soul.
Ronan has really put a lot into this album and you can hear in his voice it was all about his mum and you can tell how much he misses her with each song.
The song i like best out of all tracks was Mama's arms and how could you not feel what he has gone through in his voice. Ronan really knows how to make a song unique and call it his own.
Another song that i adored was This is your song that he wrote to help him get through losing his Mother Marie Keating, who died of breast cancer. It was a heart felt thank you to her for bringing him and his siblings into the people they are today.
He also did a cover of Time after time, which was a fantastic cover sung in a slower more meaningful way that really makes you think.
The song Carrickfergus was a hard track for ronan to sing as he had sung it at his mothers funeral in 1998 and you can really tell by listening to is that he still aches for his mum as any son would.
Another wonderful song is Vincent, another fantastic cover.
Listening to this Cd you really feel like you have a peice of Ronan with you.

Also on this Cd is Ronan's take on
Make you feel my love
Both sides now
I believe i can fly
The wild mountain thyme
Suspicpous minds

Which are all heart felt songs and yet another Great Cd from Ronan Keating that i am sure you will all agree is the standard all his fans are used to recieving.
I feel the reason all Ronan's musics hits so many hearts is because he has never crumbled under fame and always brings what the fans know is him and nothing short of excellent. I have been lucky enough to meet Ronan twice and both times he was very courteous and is alwas thanking his fans as he know without us he wouldnt be where he is today.... But it is us fans who really need to thank him for bringing us into his heart through his songs and helping so many through rough times and into great times
Thank you Ronan for bring such great music to all your many fans.

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