Winter Songs is an album that melts your heart, as it musically unravels through the feelings and thoughts of the winter season.

Title track Winter Song sweeps you into this album with its haunting and beautiful melody of longing for a remembered love. Ronan's vocals are gloriously melancholic and have dusky and soulful tinge.

Stay is a single not given the chart recognition it deserved due to poor airplay, it's a passionate and heartbreaking story of an illicit and a failing love affair.  A track which has the hugability factor, (and who do we all want to give a great big hug to – our Ro the vulnerable and heartbroken sweetie of this musical tale).  Ro's vocals are theatrically outstanding and leave you immersed in the sadness and desperation of this song (should have been a hit).

A record Ro can be proud of is the sumptuous and painfully beautiful Scars, self-penned by our creative songbird Ronan. Scars is a journey through the emotional psyche, Ro's vocals are moving and heartfelt. Poetically inventive lyrics such as "I'm sure, sure before too long I'll have another souvenir of somewhere that went wrong" tug at your heartstrings and leave you in no doubt this will be a Ronanesque classic (breathtakingly gorgeous).

Homeward Bound, the Simon and Garfunkel song, is given an up-tempo and dreamy interpretation.

River is beautifully atmospheric, a song which you instantly fall in love with. Ro's vocals on this track are lovelorn and reflective in mood, a lovely song which is made all that more special with its beautiful jingle bells piano riff, adding to the sweetness of this song (heaven).

The beautiful dreamer and romantic balladeer that is our Ro decided to create a Christmas song and we are blessed with the gloriously festive It's Only Christmas.  A track which has all the ingredients of an irresistible Christmas song, unashamedly emotional lyrics, lavish sentimentality, what a treat to have a festive song from Ro (Mr Christmas). Ronan's vocals are filled with love and are brimming over with festive cheer.

Little Drummer Boy is a fitting tribute to friend and band member Steo, it's poignant and touching, and Stephen's vocals are a fitting legacy to his talent.  Ro's vocals are powerful in presence, yet sensitive in delivery of this much-loved classic - a joy to the ears.

Ring Them Bells, the Bob Dylan song, is given an edgy Christmas vibe and Ro's vocals are laid back and husky.

Caledonia is a dreamily nostalgic story of a travelled man reminiscing over his cherished homeland. You can almost see the Scottish mist rolling down the hillside and feel the heather carpeted moorland, as Ronan's vocal presentation of this song is so vivid and clear as you soak up his Celtic tones.  There's a lovely accordion intro and end to this song – it's memorable (Celtic class).

Silent Night, a must musically for Christmas festivities, is beautiful and stunning with Ro's vocals displaying a pure resonance and sweet clarity.

Hallmark Christmas is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, it's a classic and a true feel good song, and in my opinion Ronan's version is far superior to any I have heard.  Ro's voice sounds delightful and rousing, and glows brightly like a Christmas light.

The Carpenters, I am sure, would be proud of Ro's musical interpretation of I Wont Last a Day Without You, their classic ballad. The vocals are smoochy and just spill over with joy and emotional ambiance.

And so we reach the end of our musically exquisite journey through winter.  This album leaves you in wide-eyed wonderment for winter and the festive season, giving you warm emotions and making you feel all of a glow inside.

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