Destination is a smooth and sophisticated album, which takes a departure from the ballad driven style we all know and love Ronan for.
This album opens the door on a more up-tempo dance orientated theme, it nevertheless works. As much as I adore Ro's slow sentimental tracks, it is always invigorating to hear him experimenting with new sounds.

First track into the album is I Love it when we Do, which has Ronan's vocals sounding fresh and fruity, and has him in a fun/flirtatious frame of mind (it's cheeky).

Love wont work if we Don’t Try has a mid-Atlantic twang to it, that carries you to warmer climbs, and has you tapping your feet (it's catchy).

Slowing the pace to dip back to the back catalogue of traditional Ronan covers, is the Willie Nelson song If Tomorrow Never Comes, another number 1 for Ro, it is embellished with Ronanesque inflections and vocal octaves which all serve to make this song his own.

Sweeping us up into a musical frenzy is Come be my Baby, which is syrupy sweet pop, Ronan's vocals are as sweet as honeysuckle on a summer's day, it's oh so scrumptious and irresistible.

Lovin Each Day is high energy, high octave Ronan and is trademark Ronan, bouncy and bright, just like Ro himself.

My one thing that's Real is Ro showcasing his swing style vocals. This is my favourite track on this album for its sheer vocal indulgence; it is chic and sassy, sumptuous and classy.

Time for Love is a slinky and seductive track with Ro's vocals turning the emotional barometer up to sizzling, its Ronan being ohoooooo so sensuous (swoon).

Blown Away is bouncy and kooky, it's a lighthearted take on a relationship, Ro's vocals being cute and cuddly.

As much as I can give you Girl is innocent and charming and radiates with energy and enthusiasm.

Ready for something different, well Pickin' Me Up is quirky and zany, it's a song that stretches the boundaries of musical creativity, a whole gamut of emotions are echoed lyrically in this song from ecstatic happiness to political anger. Penned by trusty Gregg Alexander, Rick Nowles and our very own Ro, it is amazing how this song manages to bring a smile to your face, whilst also making you question inequalities in our world; with lyrics as hard hitting and poignant as "in a world of plenty that’s run by thieves, G8 Convention run by thieves, there's babies starving to death on their knees". It's thought provoking music. This song is special and ingenious in its style, whoever said politics and pop don't mix; not Ronan and Co.

Joy and Pain is 'Ronanique' country, it is another collaboration with Keating and friends, namely Bill Badgley and Jeremy Godfrey.  Ro's vocals are strong, rugged, masculine and display perfectly his innate love for country music.

We've Got Tonight is gorgeously poetic, a Bob Seger classic, and now a much loved and much revered Ronan track.

The Long Goodbye, another gem penned by multi-talented Mr K and Co-writer Paul Brady, reaching number 1 for country duo Brookes and Dunn, alas not charting as high for Ronan himself, this not to malign this important song.  The Long Goodbye being the song which when heard live breaks many a Ronan fan's heart as it signals the curtain call to his show.  It is a vocally sweet and pure song that has a magical innocence about it (it's adorable).

I've Got my Heart on You is a slick and groovy way to slide out of this ultra cool album, bringing our creative journey to a sunshine ending.

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