The first solo introduction into the album charts for the beautiful Mr K was the aptly named Ronan, which delivered the sweetness and sensitivity that Ro has now become synonymous with.

Rollercoaster hurtles headlong into this album, which is primarily ballad driven, with the exception of the above track and Lovin each Day. Rollercoaster is a sweetly delicious poppy track, which never fails to deliver, on CD or live, not to suggest that Ronan is anything ever less than on cue. Friends, who are not Ro fans, revel in the vivacious and poppy temperament of Rollercoaster. A track penned by Greg Alexander of the New Radicals, it radiates with vibrancy and energy, and the rest of course is history; one monster of a hit.

Taking the vibe down a key is the Bryan Adams composition; The Way you Make me Feel, which reminds you of long hazy days of summer with its relaxed and laid back tones. Ronan's vocals carry a rich and raw country sound, which he delivers with conviction. The first chords of this song resonate strongly with us fans, as it is a song that has launched a thousand handshakes, and over the years I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a few cherished handshakes (Oh bliss).

We drift dreamily into the next track, In this Life, and Ronan's vocals are emotional and heartfelt, and this song is now a touching reminder of the love the Boyz feel for Stephen, being the chosen title performed by Ronan at the funeral (a touching tribute).

Heal Me is a fresh and feel good track with strong and passionate lyrics, which Ronan projects with power and intensity.

The Celtic panpipes drift beautifully into the next track Keep on Walking, with vocals that are expressive and filled with emotion; it's a truly Irish delight.

When you Say Nothing at all is a magical and heart warming track, being the creation which catapulted Ronan to solo stardom, it has the ability to reach deep inside your heart tugging at your heart strings and leaving you capable of only one emotion; that of falling head over heels in love with Ro's voice (so dreamy).

Brighter Days creates a mellow and sobering melody which reflects on loves, past and present, and the contentment of finding true love.

If You Love Me is a cheery anthemic sing-along track and Ro's voice brims with joy and energy, lifting you up to the clouds, with his infectious enthusiasm you can almost hear the smile in his voice.

A song that has Ronan's vocals spilling over with longing and love, is the dramatic If I don't tell you Now, it’s an enchanting and moving song.

Only for You is delightful and my personal favourite on this album, for its honesty and inspirational lyrics. It is beautiful and moving and although at a young age when he recorded and sang this track, Ronan has the vocal and emotional maturity over many a senior artist (it's gorgeous).

A smooth and seductive journey through the feelings of obsessive love is Addicted, vocally captivating; it has you transfixed.

When the World was Mine is elegant and full of soul and sophistication, and has a quirky fiddle sequence on the ending of the track, which always brings a smile to my face.

Believe is a haunting and distant song and Ro's tones take you to an exhilarating and mesmerising place.

Having been swept away by the loving and sensitive artistry of Mr K's dulcet tones, we are now invited to join him on a journey to up-tempo Ronan. Lovin Each Day is a quirky and totally (ecstatic Ronanesque) high energy track. Ronan's vocals are frivolous and fun, cuddly and adorable, very few would not beam from ear to ear on hearing this track; Ro's vocals are so sunny and energetic he's like a giant, big teddy bear – a big bundle of fun (go Ronan go).

Once upon a Lifetime concludes this album in a reflective and serious mood, examining the complexities of love, and the joy of family and finding happiness, this is a romantic gift of an album which this track ties up with one beautiful big bow.

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