Bring You Home is a beautiful and atmospheric album with a rich tapestry of musical material woven through it.

Enticing you into the album, with its summertime feel good theme is Friends in Time. Ronan’s vocals on this track are bright and breezy and perfectly complemented by Janet Ramus’s tones, which radiate vibrance and energy.

We are then invited to drift effortlessly into the next track, This I Promise You, a song lovingly composed to celebrate the wonder of love – it is poignant and sweetly sentimental and could easily be a soundtrack for a romantic film.

The sultry and sweet All Over Again leaves you unashamedly in love with Ronan’s passionate and seductive vocals. This collaboration with folk singer Kate Rusby is heavenly and Rusby’s vocals are also delicate and charming.

Iris, chart wise not one of Ronan’s highest placed covers, however, one of my personal favourites for its hauntingly beautiful lyrics with Ronan’s voice exuding passion and longing, is a dramatic and sad song.

An introduction into jazz for Ronan is To be Loved; with piano by Jamie Cullum setting the scene, Ronan shows he can successfully diversify into a specialised musical genre, giving the song flair and vocal sophistication.

Next is the legendary Superman, which is ‘classic’ Ronan; with its tearful and emotional lyrics it sets your heart all of a flutter and seals Ronan’s identity as hero of the romantic ballad. This song conjures up images of undying love with lyrics as gorgeous as; “I’d fight for you, I’d  die for you, You know I would, Hold back the night, light up the sky, Oh if I could.  I’ll always be your man ...yeh”. It’s impossible not to fall head over heels in love with this sumptuously dramatic song.

Its So Easy Lovin’ You could be an anthem for us fans, as it is so easy lovin you Ronan; it has a soft rock theme running through it and with Ronan’s electric and unfettered vocals, it’s on fire.

Back in the backseat; is fun and flirtatious and has Ronan sounding cheeky and suggestive.

Title track to the album is Bring You Home, which has a raw country vibe to it with Ronan’s sound being gutsy, yet laid back.

Ronan’s cover of the Neil Diamond classic Hello Again is a tender and sweet rendition of this song, showing Ronan’s ability to make a song his own.

Just When I’d given up Dreaming is a positive and uplifting song with Ronan capturing the essence of this track; conveying hope and belief.

Shifting the mood to a more gritty and angst ridden theme is the power ballad We Just Need Time, this track has a mid-Atlantic feel to it and a raw energy.

The inspirational and awesome So Far Away brings this album to an enchanting end, leaving you captured under its magical spell.

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