The new album from Ronan, Songs for my Mother, is adorable; it’s a beautiful collection of songs listened to and enjoyed by his late mother. This album has ten songs, one of which is This is your Song, a self penned creation he wrote as a tribute to his mother; plus a further 9 covers. The fact that the tracks on this album are covers does nothing to detract from its sheer quality, as Ronan, as always, vocally imprints his own unique interpretation of the songs, making them his own. Ronan shows on this recording what a versatile artist he is, proficient at his regular pop style, yet also showcasing his ability to successfully span a whole genre of vocal styles from R & B, folk to traditional.

Time after Time: gently leads us into the vocal introduction to Songs for my Mother. Ronan’s vocals on this track are filled with sugar-coated sweetness.

Feel my love: Ronan’s vocals on Dillon’s Feel my love, lovingly serenades us into a sultry and soulful place.

Both Sides Now: is floaty and full of joy and Ronan catches the essence of this song.

Vincent: is touchingly tragic in its lyrical content and Ronan has vulnerability in his vocals, catching the tragedy of this song.

Carrickfergus: conjures up romantic images of the Emerald Isle and as Ro sweetly sings of the salty sea with his lilting Irish tones, you can hear the waves rolling on the seashore.

I Believe I Can Fly: Ronan’s take on the R & B classic I believe I can Fly is bold and beautiful and vocally uplifting.

Mama's Arms: the movingly melancholic Mama's Arms is sang with pure unashamed emotion so that it reaches out and pulls at your heartstrings.

The Wild Mountain Thyme: a Celtic theme prevails again with The Wild Mountain Thyme where Ronan’s vocals are rustic and charming.

Suspicious Minds: is the most up-tempo track on the album; Ronan’s vocals are zesty and vibrant with a big band sound.

This Is Your Song: the finale to this album could only be the creation of Mr K, it is the beautiful and poignant This is your Song, which is vocally stunning and lays bare his emotions.

This album is not over produced or pretentiously slick, it is refreshing in its simplicity, it has pure emotion, no gimmicks, just pure unfettered feeling.

Also, what must be mentioned with reference to this album is the pure craftsmanship of the musicians, which is breathtakingly romantic as the music behind the man.

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