Ronan looked stunning when he took to the stage at Golf Rocks, his attire was casual yet chic wearing yellowy beige cotton trousers teamed with a white crisp shirt and smart navy blazer; he was every inch the nights stunning hero.

The stage was extremely intimate with only a small amount of space between him and his adoring fans. Ro's set was short and sweet, but no less exceptional for it.  Ro catapulted into his first song Rollercoaster, and for all the room was small the sound I thought was spot on and very professional. Ro whipped the audience up into a frenzy with his signature Rollercoaster; the man knows how to work a crowd, and leave them gasping for more.

The melodic sounds of When you say Nothing at all brought the vibe right down to a relaxing serenade from the beautiful one.

Throughout the night Ro mingled with the fans, and was more than generous with his time; every time my eyes spied him he was having pics with adoring fans, and I was lucky myself to be treated to two lovely pics.
It was lovely to see Ro just casually meandering around, and a real treat not just for me, but for all the fans I am sure.
Ro thanked people for turning up and said that by them being there lives would have been saved [note: it was a charity event]. Amongst other celebs there were Dr Fox, Denise van Outen and Brain McFadden, but my heart only belonged to the Darlin Ro.

- Christine G

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