It is quite fitting that Ronan’s Irish premiere of Goddess in Dublin should be at the Odeon cinema, which is directly adjacent to the O2 arena, were Ro has performed many a time during his singing career.

The Odeon is a snazzy, brash multiplex, not as artistic and charming as the London film house which screened Ro's London premiere of the same film. However, the saving grace is the professionalism with which the venue showed Ronan's Goddess.

After viewing the film, we were all treated to a talk by Ro about his film and an extremely funny moment was when Ro explained he had been offered a stunt double for his bottom, via a prosthetic version.  But, as we have already witnessed in the film Ro chose to display the real thing rather than fake modesty, after all why would he not wish to display his obviously engaging attributes. Ha-ha.

Ro wore a black tailored suit and elegant black shirt, looking very much the star, after having just strode off the red carpet.  To the delight of myself, and many, Ro had agreed to engage in a Q&A session with the audience, which was very exciting. I had put together some questions myself, and eagerly raised my hand when the lady presenting Ro asked for questions; I was there as quick as a ferret down a hole.

I didn’t want this opportunity to evade me, so knew I had to be quick, I asked Ronan: if he were given the opportunity, would he like to go into theatre; and his eyes lit up and he replied enthusiastically, “I have something in the pipeline, although I wouldn’t want to do musical theatre, and not nine till five”.  Ro seemed very jovial and genuinely grateful to be there and the lady apologised that Ro couldn’t have pics or give a cuddle, as he was tired after having come back from Australia. I appreciate this and for me to have been there to support Ro, and have the honour to ask him a question about his career, and not merely chit chat, which is very nice, but it’s a compliment to get closer to the inner Ronan and witness his intelligence, which I feel can all too often be overlooked by some critics.

Ro is no dizzy blonde, he is an astute and intelligent actor and singer, who I am sure will astonish us all in the future, both musically and now in his new genre of film and acting.

It’s an honour to be a fan Mr K fan.

- By Christine G

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