Dear Kathryn Rogers,

so you've come up with this journalistic masterpiece for the Irish Daily Star... Basically, you've found two or three reviews of Goddess where the reviewers didn't seem overly impressed with Ronan - although only one of them is actually negative about him (thankfully not the Irish way of negative!).

Actually, the majority of reviews online have been really positive and Ronan's had a decent amount of praise for his first acting role. You, however, chose to ignore the positive ones and, in your article that is 80% quotes, try to make your readers believe that the Australian media share your opinion of Ronan.

I can't believe you actually get paid for this. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying you can't dislike this movie. I'm not saying you've got to love Ronan's acting. One reason why I'm mad, and that doesn't happen easily, is that you haven't seen the movie. It is only out in Australia at the moment. Your opinion isn't even based on how you enjoyed the film and Ronan's acting; you've simply made up your mind without actually knowing what you're talking about - just because you personally can't stand Ronan in general.

The second reason why I'm mad is that if you were fair, you would have used a couple of positive quotes as well (and these are easy to find) in order to let your readers know that, no, it's not the whole of Australia that thinks Ronan's shit at acting. But instead, you wrote a manipulative, crappy little article that doesn't reflect reality, or to be precise I should say you didn't really write it - you mainly just copied quotes from other websites. You're trying to abuse the multiplier effect, and are abusing your position with the intention to stir some more hatred where none is needed or justified.

It is no secret that the Irish press get a real kick out of slagging off their own Irish 'celebrities', although no one really understands why. We're kind of used to it these days. But from time to time, it reaches a new low. Congratulations - you've just been nominated for Bitter Person of the Month. It's a harmless, light entertainment movie, for heaven's sake - and let me remind you that you haven't watched it!
The third reason why I'm mad is that it is because of people like you that Ronan's had such a hard time in Ireland in the past ten years. He could be as well respected as anyone else if the tabloids didn't keep bashing him at every opportunity. Ireland is the only country where he has to put up with that level of abuse, and no, it didn't only start after his marriage broke up. The Irish media and their constant propaganda are the reason why his recent 26-date tour of the UK and Germany didn't include his own home country. Are you happy with your achievement?

Goddess was no. 4 at the Box Office in Australia after its first weekend. It is obviously doing OK. Twitter has been full of positive comments about both the film and the cast, including Ronan. It will probably be released in other countries too. It is perfectly alright for you to dislike a movie after you've watched it. But even then, as a journalist you should be professional enough to keep your personal opinions separate from the points you try to get across to your readers.

Yours sincerely,
Ronan Keating News.

P.S. I have no problem at all with Irish people in general, and I know the majority of them are really sound. But for some reason, the country's most miserable folks seem to work for the newspapers.{jcomments on}

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