So, Web 2.0 ist actually quite an old term already but perhaps not everyone knows exactly what it is. The concept behind it is that websites are no longer just static pages where you can view content - they've become interactive. You read and comment and contribute, and become part of it. Youtube is Web 2.0, and so are Twitter and Facebook and many shopping portals, as well as every blog and other website that allows you to post comments. It gives you the chance to get on your little soapbox and share your opinion with the world - and who doesn't love getting on their soapbox once in a while? This can make it easy to draw people's attention to something which they wouldn't normally take much notice of - and in our case, it gives us the chance to help promote a new single or album, or even spread the word about older footage that's interesting.

Now here's the thing - we're not very good at making use of all this. We sneak onto Youtube to watch a video, or onto a website to read an article, and then we disappear without leaving traces. We got the information we were looking for, so we're done, right? Wrong. We don't realise how powerful the tools are that we use every day.

You have to see it like this - What's your thoughts when you come across a video on Youtube that's received 532 comments? You realise that hundreds of users were in some way moved enough by the video to take the time and type up a comment. That could be because they thought the clip was rubbish, or because they thought it was brilliant, or because it made them emotional for personal reasons. Either way, people gave it some thought and reacted. That makes you feel more curious than you would feel if there were only two comments, doesn't it?
Still, when I tweet a Youtube link to currently over 4,500 followers - about two or three might leave a comment on the respective page. That's just not enough.

Here's where we need to improve. You're on the page anyway - and you've most probably got an opinion on what you've just watched or read or heard. You've got that extra minute to write a quick comment, and to hit the 'Like' button if there is one. Even if it's just a random blog where some media blogger has posted the link to Ronan's latest video - Give them a reaction! If the blogger realises that this post was popular with viewers, they might just do another post on Ronan's work. Exposure is everything, and you can help Ronan get it.

Even Amazon offers you a 'Like' button these days. If a product's been explicitly liked by a large number of people, someone just randomly browsing items might be inclined to check it out just out of curiosity. Product ratings and reviews are absolutely important - we don't do enough of these and that needs to change. Why don't you just head over to Amazon and review some of his albums today? I can't believe you have nothing to say about them. That would be tragic.
The Facebook 'Like' button is everywhere these days, why not just hit it before closing the browser tab or window? Also, pop over to some radio stations' Facebook pages and leave a post asking them to play Ronan's latest song; perhaps even post the link to a video there. Other people will see it too - this is promotion in the smallest sense.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if it makes you think then I've achieved my goal for today. If it makes you use your voice a bit more next time you see a comment box or a 'Like' button, then we're in the process of making a significant change. Do it. And then, make your friends do the same. {jcomments on}

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