Dear Kathryn Rogers,

so you've come up with this journalistic masterpiece for the Irish Daily Star... Basically, you've found two or three reviews of Goddess where the reviewers didn't seem overly impressed with Ronan - although only one of them is actually negative about him (thankfully not the Irish way of negative!).

So, Web 2.0 ist actually quite an old term already but perhaps not everyone knows exactly what it is. The concept behind it is that websites are no longer just static pages where you can view content - they've become interactive. You read and comment and contribute, and become part of it. Youtube is Web 2.0, and so are Twitter and Facebook and many shopping portals, as well as every blog and other website that allows you to post comments. It gives you the chance to get on your little soapbox and share your opinion with the world - and who doesn't love getting on their soapbox once in a while? This can make it easy to draw people's attention to something which they wouldn't normally take much notice of - and in our case, it gives us the chance to help promote a new single or album, or even spread the word about older footage that's interesting.

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