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Tattoos on Ronan's right upper arm. Image copyright: Splash NewsRight arm:

  • Maori tribal design (early 2003), covering up his first ever tattoo, which was the Japanese sign for 'Warrior' which he got when he was 18
  • Superman logo (Oct 2009) in memory of Stephen Gately, who had just died
  • Small tribal kind of ornament (Oct 2009)
  • Hebrew writing (Oct 2010) which means "Worry looks around, sorry looks back, faith looks up"
  • Anchor with a piece of winding road around it (Oct 2011), standing for some of his past charity activities - a relay swim through the Irish Sea in 2011 and his two charity walks through Ireland in 2003 and 2005
  • The coordinates of Dublin (his hometown), Sydney (where he met Storm) and Archerfield in Scotland (where he married Storm), done in March 2016
  • Jigsaw piecesĀ (2013-2014) with the names of Storm and his children (in their handwriting), as well as his mum
  • Triangular design (2017) matching the two his son Jack had done when he turned 18

Left arm:

  • Ronan's right upper arm. Image copyright: Splash NewsCeltic cross (June 2004), in the centre of which ued to be an old one (the Chinese symbol for 'Love') which him and his first wife had done after they got married in 1998. This one was covered up in 2013
  • Shield design done on TV show 'London Ink' (Summer 2008)
  • Cherry blossom branch with flowers spreading over the shield and his shoulder (March 2011)
  • Japanese water flower (June 2010)
  • Bonsai pine tree (November 2010)
  • Writing "Feck the Begrudgers" (Sept/Oct 2010; initially "Fuck the Begrudgers" but revised a few years later) - obviously done to deal with the negativity he was getting in the UK/Irish media around the time

Image copyright: Bondi Ink

Back of his neck and shoulders:

  • Cross design (early 2010), covering up a small star done the previous year
  • Pair of wings (October 2011)
  • Writing "The Future is Unwritten" (2010), which he says is a quote by The Clash/The Pogues singer Joe Strummer

On the right side of his body:

  • Writing "Always have courage" in Italian (2012). This is a quote by Pope John Paul II which Ronan found inspiring.

Fuck the Begrudgers...partly hidden by his watch.Ronan's jigsaw and coordinates tattoosJigsaw tattoo on Ronan's right armWater flower tattoo on Ronan's left armTattoo on Ronan's body

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