Ronan Patrick John Keating was born in Dublin on March 3rd, 1977 as the youngest of five children to Gerry and Marie Keating, and grew up in a working class environment on Dublin's northside. He has three brothers (Gerard, Ciaran and Gary) and sister Linda. One of the things he always says about his childhood is that there was music playing in the house all the time, and his older siblings introduced little Ronan to many artists he still admires today.
He says of himself that he hated school, but enjoyed English. From a young age, he was into sports and music - he was a successful short-distance runner aiming for a career in athletics, and he also sang in bands that he formed with school mates.
Ronan left school at 16 to join Irish boyband Boyzone, and his distinctive voice and great charisma and potential soon made it obvious that he was going to make it big. His career took off when he was asked to record the song When you say nothing at all for the soundtrack to the movie Notting Hill in 1999. The single went straight to number one in the UK that summer and hit the top of the charts in numerous other countries around the world. With things going so well, Ronan recorded his self-titled debut solo album the following year. To date, Ronan has released nine studio albums and a singles compilation.

Ronan says that the best part of his job is performing live. He has always refused to mime on TV shows, where he is often praised for his professionalism. But it isn't until people see him in concert that they realise just how good a performer he is. He connects to any audience within minutes and has a remarkable stage presence. He is also one of those artists that sound just as good live as they do on CD, if not better.

Ronan lost his mother to breast cancer in early 1998, and ever since he has been heavily involved in charity work. His family set up the Marie Keating Foundation after their mum's death in order to educate Ireland's population about cancer, as well as increase awareness and prevention. Ronan also actively supports Cancer Research UK and has done extensive fundraising for them.

Ronan married Yvonne Connolly in April 1998 and the couple had three children together - Jack (1999), Marie (nicknamed Missy, 2001) and Ali (2005). Sadly, their marriage ended in 2012, when Ronan and Yvonne failed to patch things up after Ronan's affair with a dancer. Although he clearly made a massive mistake, the way some of the British and Irish media portrayed him was anything but fair. Anyone who hears Ronan talk about the matter will understand that he is not proud of his actions, and seriously struggled in the aftermath. Today, Ronan is in a relationship with Australian TV producer Storm Uechtritz, with whom he currently lives in London. He also spends a substantial amount of time in Dublin to see his children, and since 2010 has spent a few months each year in Sydney to work as a judge on The X Factor.

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